Thursday, 12 October 2017

Simple Eye Care Tips To Follow This Diwali Season for Eye Health

Diwali is the Festival of Lights. The festival has celebrations in the form of lighting fireworks, colourful and dazzling lights and burning crackers.

In between all these celebrations, we forget that our eyes are affected a lot from smoke and pollution caused by crackers. We can get chronic eye infections and sometimes partial or permanent vision loss. Eye infections, dryness, redness and other disorders can arise from the harmful gases released by fireworks.

Injuries are caused due to lack of appropriate safety measures.

In this blog we are sharing eye care tips for the Diwali festival as it is very important to take care of your eyes during the festive season. These tips will help you to protect your eyes and take extra care for them-


The best way to protect your eyes is to wash them at regular intervals. This helps in getting rid of harmful gases and their particles that enter the eye after burning fireworks. Harmful gaseous particles are not good for overall eye health and can cause infections. Wash your eyes 3-4 times a day with coldwater to remove dirt and also keep them hydrated.


One must always maintain safe distance, at least an arm’s length of distance while burning firecrackers and at least five metres of distance while watching fireworks burn. Remember to keep fireworks away from the face, hair and clothing to avoid any harm. 

The more close you are to a burning cracker, the more your eyes are at risk of getting in contact with harmful gases and getting an injury or infection from particles of the bursting cracker.


Smoke and pollution from firecrackers enter our eyes causing allergies, secretion inside glands, irritation, dry eyes, red eyes and soreness. It is highly recommended to keep medicated eye drops handy during the festival season. Do not use random eye drops like rose water. Use eye drops prescribed by a doctor for general use only.

Apart from these, one must use UV protective glasses while burning firecrackers or watching them burn as well. Also avoid going out in the sun during this season or at night too as dust particles and UV rays from the sun can enter the eyes and cause double eye trouble.

In case of an accident, contact a doctor immediately. Do not rub, rinse or apply ointment/eye drops to the eye. It can aggravate the injury even more. By following these simple eye care tips you can enjoy Diwali in an enjoyable way without compromising your eye safety.

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