Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How to Improve Vision with Eye Exercises

Spending the day looking at a computer screen at work, or binge watching your favourite TV series all day long can leave your eyes strained. The problem of eye strains and dry eyes is very common among computer users. In the medical language, this problem is called the Computer Vision Syndrome.

While working on a computer or looking at the screens of our cell phones and tablets, our eyes need to keep focusing and refocusing, frequently. It causes the eye muscles to strain and stiffen. The eyes get dry as the tears don't get to the eyes. Therefore, the common symptoms of Computer vision syndrome include severe eye strain, dry eyes, pain in the eyes, eye redness, headaches, etc. Studies suggest that an average of 70% people belonging to the working age-group is affected by the problem. Talking about the solution, easing your eyes muscles from the strain is the best way to reduce the effect of computer vision syndrome. Just as exercises helps to ease the muscles of other parts of the body, eye exercises for computer users can help them to ease their eyes off the strain.

The next time you are working at a computer and your eyes feel strained, follow the 20-20-20 vision rule. Shift your gaze from the computer screen and look at a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds. Repeat this exercise every 20 minutes to keep your eyes healthy. Other than the 20-20-20 vision rule; incessant blinking, palming, and pencil-vision exercise proves to be extremely relaxing for the eye muscles. Moreover, you must check the setting of the light sources around you. Make your sitting arrangement such that it remains suitable to avoid glare at the screen. We say so because; glares cause excessive stress to the eye muscles. Following these simple tips and exercises, you can avoid the eye strains and improve your eye sight.

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