Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Treatment for Eyes – From Children to Adults

Most adults by early to mid-40s lose their ability to focus on nearby objects commonly known as presbyopia which results in difficulty reading small print or doing other close-up tasks.  If you have presbyopia, LASIK surgery may give you clear distance vision, but it can actually worsen your ability to see objects close up. You might also rethink having LASIK surgery if you have major nearsightedness. If you are nearsighted and have been diagnosed with a high refractive error, it is very likely that the possible benefits of LASIK surgery will not give an explanation for the risks. If a person has large pupils, then the pupils are prone to opening wide in dim light, and LASIK surgery may result in incapacitating symptoms such as glare, halos, star bursts and ghost images. Also, LASIK is not advised for people who actively participate in contact sports, such as during martial arts or boxing and also for people with jobs that require precision vision.

Other than LASIK, Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery and other corrective surgeries for adults, we also offer Pediatric Eye Care for children with vision problems, no matter how simple or complex. We specialize in treating cataracts in babies and children, traumatic eye injuries, juvenile glaucoma and a variety of other conditions.  It is important to note that with vision, children are not just little adults. They present unique problems in communication and cooperation for physicians. Our pediatric ophthalmology experts, orthoptists, and opticians are specially trained and equipped to diagnose and treat each child. One should contact Centre for Sight for quality eye care treatment and quality opinions as it is rightly known as best Cataract Surgery Hospital in India, helping in eliminating eyesight problems with one of the best known Lasik and Retina treatment in India. 

Centre for Sight has a team including Neuro-ophthalmology experts, working dedicatedly to provide excellent support to those in the need of eye care, it has been provider of clinical opinions and the specialized eye care with keeping in touch with the recent cutting edge technology. Our ideology motivates us to serve our patients suffering with eye ailments under the supervision of specialists and live up to the reputation of being a leading provider of quality eye care.

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