Thursday, 11 February 2016

Rise of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computers have brought radical changes in the life of people. Some changes are unwelcome though. Computer Vision Syndrome is one adversary which affects the person sitting in front of the computer screen for prolonged hours, whether at home or at work. Not only computer, all devices with a visual display like tablets, e-readers, smartphones and other electronic devices all can cause tired eyes, digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome. It has now become the Rising to the top, Computer Vision Syndrome has surpassed carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis in becoming most common computer-related repetitive strain injury among workers. Poor lighting, glare, an improper workstation set-up, vision problems of which the person was not previously aware, or a combination of these factors can lead to CVS symptoms over time.

Longer the time spent on one of these screen-equipped devices, it contributes to the increased chances of eye strain. Diagnosing eye strain caused due to computer-like screens can be diagnosed through a comprehensive eye examination. The testing procedure will include - a thorough patient history, visual acuity measurements, a detailed refraction to determine the appropriate lens power needed to compensate for any refractive errors and Binocular vision testing, allowing the study of how the eyes focus, move and work together.

If your problems have become acute, you should consult a doctor who specializes in the field. Centre For Sight has set up various well-facilitated eye clinic centres across India to deal with such eye ailments. It has taken benefits from positive research knowledge to improve its services in recent years as well. The eye hospitals under the guidance of Centre For Sight offers diagnosing and treatment of computer vision syndrome. Alongside other eye treatment facilities, they also provide comprehensive pediatric eye care in various cities of India. The doctors and staff strive to provide top-notch ophthalmologic care in a comfortable, professional and kid-friendly atmosphere. Eyesight is a precious gift and with Centre For Sight, you can rest assured that will help you preserve sight for a lifetime!

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