Friday, 17 July 2015

Treating Some Major Eye Issues

Cataract is most commonly found and largely affecting eye disorder. It is undetectable at the very early stage. To be on safe side, one should be concerned about any conspicuous changes in the vision. If any anomaly is suspected, it should be immediately brought to the eye care professional’s attention. Common symptoms of cataracts include - cloudy or blurred vision, sensitivity to light and glare, poor night vision, color vision changes and dimming, double vision in a single eye etc. Though Cataract is pretty harmful to the eyesight, modern day cataract surgeries usually can restore vision lost to cataracts — and often can reduce your dependence on eyeglasses as well. An uncomplicated cataract surgery typically lasts only about 15 minutes. But expect to be at the surgical center for 90 minutes or longer, because extra time is needed to prepare you for surgery and for a brief post-operative evaluation and instructions about your cataract surgery recovery before you leave.

Apart from Cataract surgery, one more surgery which CFS is efficient in delivering is surgery for Retinal Detachment Treatment. It is only possible through replacement of a clouded cornea which is the only means of restoring full vision. If the rest of the eye is normal, the cornea is replaceable through transplant surgeries. However, it is important to remember that vision can be restored only to the extent that the other parts of the eye are normal. One should contact Centre for Sight for quality eye care treatment and quality opinions as it is rightly known as best Cataract Surgery Hospital in India, helping in eliminating eyesight problems with one of the best known Lasik eye surgery and Retina treatment in India. Centre for Sight has a team working dedicatedly to provide excellent support to those in the need of eye care, it has been provider of clinical opinions and the specialized eye care with keeping in touch with the recent cutting edge technology.

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